In the oasis of peace, the Spa Center of Villa Barovic offers a sauna, a steam bath, a Jacuzzi pool and a massage.

The moist climate of the steam bath will help you relax and relieve your daily stress. The aromas of eucalyptus and mint in the air are very beneficial for the skin, stimulate hydration and cleanse of the pores, and the multiple effect of the steam bath on the respiratory organs is also known. The temperature inside the bathroom ranges from 35C to 45C while the humidity is close to 100%.

Relax in the Sauna made of Finnish Omorika and African wood as you are warmed by the air that will cleanse the body of toxins and expel them across the skin, thus cleansing the skin and strengthening your body; the immune system. The temperature in the sauna ranges from 75C to 95C, while the humidity is minimal.

With its 27 hydro and aero jets, the Jaccuzi Pool will massage and relax every muscle on your body. A special sense of massage is provided by rotating hydro jets, which give a rotating water jet the feeling of a moving massage on your back. The water temperature in the hot tub is 35C.

Our experienced masseurs offer you: Full Body Relax Massage » partial massage » anti-cellulite massage » lymphatic drainage of feet and legs » foot reflexology (foot massage).

For 5000 years massage therapy has been one of the oldest methods of treatment. Several extensive studies have confirmed that massage works to relax the whole body, relieve chronic pain, improve circulation, eliminate poisons from the body, improve sleep, reduce blood pressure, reduce stress, reduce stress and nervous tension, etc.

A 12 x 6 meter swimming pool is available to all villa guests.

Around the pool there are deck chairs and sets for rest and sunbathing. The pool itself is designed to have a transparent movable roof that allows bathing even when the pool; it is not the bathing season but most importantly, the movable roof allows for greater warming of the pool via solar energy and prevents the cooling of the water during the fresher nights, so that guests will be able to swim even when the outside temperature is falling or when it is raining or cloudy days. The chemical quality of the water is regulated by a digital controller, where the computer constantly checks the water quality and itself doses the means to preserve the optimal chemical quality of the water, that is, the best for your health!

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