The guest waterfall is one of the most attractive hydrological values ​​of Zlatibor

The guest house also houses the birthplace of Dimitrij Tucovic, whose renovation is underway. It is located at an altitude of 1,000 meters, and is 25 km away from the center of Zlatibor. The famous waterfall, by which this place is known, is located on the Gostiljski brook, which is still located. also called Hot. On the guest river in front of the stream into the Katu River, the water is surrounded by 20 meters high limestone cliffs, forming a unique waterfall. Downstream of the waterfall, the stream builds a number of smaller waterfalls, waterfalls, rapids, and springs all the way to the mouth of the Katuronica River. Trails 450 meters long connect the area around the waterfall. Nearby are a water mill, two wooden bridges across the Katuca River, and a newly built pool.

On the hill above the waterfall is a park with benches, swings and swings for children. The stream is important for its hydro potential, which has supplied Gostilje with electricity for half a century. This place is a tourist destination, and has been attracting a lot of visitors lately.