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SPA center and swimming pool

SPA center and swimming pool

Villa Barovic’s SPA center in oasis of peace offers sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi pool and massage.

Villa Barovic’s  SPA center in oasis of peace offers sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi  pool and massage.
Steam bath`s moist air  will help you to relax and release the everyday stress.
Scents of eucalyptus and mint in the air, are very beneficial for the skin, they stimulate moisturizing and cleansing pores, and it is well known the effect of the steam bath on the respiratory organs.
The temperature inside the bath is between 35 C and 45 C, while humidity is nearly 100%.

Relax in Sauna made from African wood while surrounded with hot air, which will clean your body from the toxins, clean the skin and strengthen your immune system.  The temperature in sauna is between 75 C and 95 C, while the humidity is minimal.
With  27 hydro and aero  jets, Jacuzzi pool will massage and relax every muscle on your body. Rotating hydro jets provide special massage feeling , rotating water jet  makes feeling of mobile massage on your back and on the other parts of the body.  Constant temperature of the water in hydro massage pool is  35 C.

SPA center and swimming pool

Our  high experienced massage therapists offer  you:
Relax massage of the whole body, partial massage, anti cellulite massage, feet and legs lymphatic drainage, feet reflex therapy  (feet massage).
5000 years massage therapy is one of the oldest methods of treatment.  A lot of extensive researches confirmed that massage helps in relaxation of the whole body, pain relief,  circulation improvement,  toxins elimination from the organism , dream improvement, blood pressure reduction, stress reduction, stress and nerve tension reduction, etc.

Swimming pool , size 12x6, is available to the all villa’s  guests. Around the swimming pool are the sun beds and garnitures for relaxation and sunbathing . The pool has movable transparent roof which enables swimming out of the swimming season, also,  which is the most important, movable roof enables greater warming of the pool and prevents water cooling in the fresh nights. So guests could swim while the outside temperature declines or while it is rainy or cloudy.  Chemical quality of the water is regulated by the mini digital laboratory where the computer itself checks the water quality all the time and doses the means to preserve optimal chemical quality of the water, the best for your health.

Apartment types

Type LUX

Apartments Type LUX

Special offer of Vila Barović & SPA are comfortable suites with living room and terrace, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and bathroom.

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Type Standard

Apartments Type Standard

Type Standard apartments are modern equipped apartments, which have spacious living room with kitchen and dining area, bathroom and one bedroom.

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Type Comfort

Apartments Type Comfort

The huge living rooms and wide bedrooms are description of the apartments Type Comfort. Ideal for those who like more space or for big families.

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